American YouthWorks Event - Solar Open House

The Austin Green Energy Group was a proud sponsor of American YouthWorks Solar Open House July 1, 2011 in Austin, Texas

American YouthWorks (AYW) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit Green Jobs Training and Education Center located in Austin.  AYW operates a comprehensive program providing education, jobs training and life services to transform the lives of youth and young adults.  AYW creates an integrated opportunity for individuals to acquire the life skills needed to succeed in the new, green economy.



Casa Verde Builders (CVB) is a green jobs training services program teaching youth ages 17-24 cutting-edge, green construction techniques. Participants build energy-efficient, affordable homes in East Austin for first time home-buyers and learn the construction process from foundation to finish. 



The Green Energy Corps (GEC) is a green jobs training and service program that provides Corps members with education and experience in green building and design to prepare them for careers in the fields of weatherization and renewable energy.



American YouthWorks Green Jobs Training & Education Center is a U. S. Department of Commerce investment retrofit of the AYW building to provide onsite green jobs training and technical certification in areas such as solar panel installation, wind turbine technology, energy efficiency building maintenance, fire control certification, HVAC technology, and several other business specialties

Casa Verde Builders and the Green Energy Corps are service programs of American YouthWorks.

The event was well attended by people interested in seeing the impact American YouthWorks is having on our Austin community.  American YouthWorks is transforming the lives of at-risk youth in Austin through education, service, and green job training. 

The Austin Green Energy Group applauds their efforts and enjoyed being a part of this event.  




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