Mayfield Park & Nature Preserve Event

The Austin Green Energy Group staying true to our mission of enhancing our community and protect our environment through activities that preserve and conserve our natural resources embarked on a new Community Outreach Event Saturday September 10, 2011.  Austn Green Energy Group (AGEG) members Bernie Johnson, Clara McGee, Duffy Thompson, Elana Kopel, Voiteh Yaroshevic, and Paul Frias volunteered to help out with various restoration projects at Austin's Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve.

Mayfield Park & Nature Preserve is a green oasis located in the middle of Austin, Texas.  Listed in the National Register of Historic Places,  this estate was presented to the city of  Austin in 1971 by Mary Mayfield Gutsch for all Austinites to enjoy as a park.  It  includes 2 acres of colorful cottage gardens with towering palm trees, brilliant peacocks and delicate water lilies, all blending in beautiful harmony, as well as 21 acres of nature preserve, walking trails and wildlife habitat.


We were greeted early that morning by Nadine Morning who oversees the park and many peacocks who reside there. 



The bulk of the work included weeding gardens, adding compost and mulch, and building a retaining wall using limestone rocks and boulders.




Later that morning, Alana Moehring Mallard from the West Austin News, a community newspaper, interview our group for an article she was writing for the paper.  That article is attached.

The group had a wonderful time connecting with nature while also interacting with other AGEG team members. Nadine was a gracious host and greatly appreciated our commitment and work. she says AGEG is more than welcome to return contribute to the park in the future.

You are invited to join us in making our community a better place to live.  If you would like to volunteer your services or resources for this type of fulfilling event, contact Austin Green Energy Group's Community Outreach Program Director - Paul Frias  (  for upcoming opportunities to make a difference in our Austin community.

Download this file (West Austin News Release - Mayfield Park.pdf)West Austin News Release - Mayfield Park.pdfWest Austin News Release - Mayfield Park

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