1 house at a time Event

Austin Green Energy Group teamed up with a A Nurtured World's program, "1 house at a time" and volunteers from Team Depot to make a sustainable difference at another home in our community.

At 9am, Saturday morning, seven Austin Green Energy Group members (Kathe Hill, Jeff Crawford, Mike & Sandy Brumleve, David Kaufman, Bernie Johnson, and Beth Davis) joined volunteers from A Nurtured World and Team Depot to make a difference in one Austin man’s life.  The event took place at a house in East Austin.  After a discussion of the work to be done, the group broken up into teams to: replace broken windows, re-glaze and seal windows, replace rotten siding, replace screen doors and repair doors, add a gutter to protect a ramp, fabricate and install custom solar screens, weatherize outlets and doors, add attic insulation, replace light bulbs with CFL's, install glass covers for ceiling lights, replace a wall A/C unit with an energy efficient unit, caulk shower, install tread tape on wheelchair ramp, seal pipe penetrations under bath and kitchen sinks, seal hot water heater closet, and trim an overhanging tree.  The event ended after four hours with an Austin man more physically comfortable in his energy efficient home as well as now being able to save on his utility bills.

Some more pictures of the event: 



It was a team effort that enabled the Austin Green Energy Group, A Nurtured World, and Home Depot to make a difference in our community..."1 house at a time."

The event was generously sponsored by Home Depot.

If you would like to volunteer your services or resources for this type of fulfilling event, contact Austin Green Energy Group's Community Outreach Program Leader - Beth Davis at info@AustinGreenEnergyGroup.org or A Nurtured World at www.1houseatatime.org.




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