1 house at a time Event

Austin Green Energy Group teamed up with a A Nurtured World's program, "1 house at a time" and volunteers from Team Depot and American Youthworks to make a sustainable difference at another home in our community.  Two homes were enhanced Thursday, September 16, this was the 7th and 8th "1house at a time" work events of 2010.


At 9am, Thursday morning, four Austin Green Energy Group members (Dave Kaufman, T.Ray Calderon, Bernie Johnson, and Beth Davis) joined volunteers from A Nurtured World, Team Depot, and American Youthworks to make a difference in one elderly Austin woman’s life.  The event took place at a house in East Austin. 

The following improvements were made:

Quality of Life:
Install vegetable garden

Building Envelope/Weatherizing:
Installation of foam insulators on all out outlets & light switches

Seal A/C plenum with aluminum A/C tape

Seal A/C duct /register with caulk / mastic
Energy Efficiency:
Replace old AC window unit with energy star unit

Replace incandescent bulbs with CFL's (15)

Weather strip hot water heater closet door
Removal of 2 inefficient refrigerators

Removal of 2 inefficient freezers
Installation of solar screens on windows
Water Conservation:
Install high efficiency clothes washer

Install faucet aerators in bathrooms
Replace shower head with low flow heads

Convert toilet to dual flush
Install gutters
Install rain water cistern

Solid Waste Reduction:
Switch from a 60-gallon to a 30-gallon trash receptacle and review recycling basics

Below are some pictures of the event:










The event ended after about four hours with one more Austin family more physically comfortable in their energy efficient home as well as having a more sustainable life.

It was a team effort that enabled the Austin Green Energy Group, A Nurtured World, Team Depot and American Youthworks to make a difference in our community..."1 house at a time."

The event was generously sponsored by Home Depot.

If you would like to volunteer your services or resources for this type of fulfilling event, contact Austin Green Energy Group's Community Outreach Program Leader - Beth Davis at info@AustinGreenEnergyGroup.org  or A Nurtured World at www.1houseatatime.org.

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